Icem – Freinet Pedagogy

Hope and utopia carry the new Education with this postulate: the commitment of the pupil as subject. But also that instituting the pupil does not abolish the child, that the child is a subject who cannot be absent from school so that it functions better!

The originality of the Freinet movement

1- It experiments and theorizes within the framework of ordinary classes of public education with four main pedagogical principles:

  • The need to raise the intellectual and cultural level of the people by relying on educational innovations and the contributions of technologies
  • The link between school learning and concrete activities whose students perceive the usefulness and meaning
  • The opening of the school to the social and economic environment.
  • The need for pupils’ self-organization with the possibility of genuinely participating in decisions concerning the work and organization of the school.

2- It is an educational movement for the children of the people, its project is the popular school. He never loses sight of the fact that the liberation of the child is only one aspect of human liberation.

In 1947,  the Cooperative Institute of the Modern School was created, the ICEM,  which today still has the same aim: a popular, liberating and emancipatory school, both in public schools in villages and in those of towns and cities. its popular neighborhoods.

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