« If New Education were a tree

our movements would be each of these books. »

Brad Théo

Through the Convergence(s) dynamic, the New Education seeks both to build on the heritage of the past and to work with the people who make it live today. And tomorrow.

It is on the occasion of the centenary of the creation of the International League of New Education and in homage to Fernand Deligny (Graine de crapule, les vagabonds efficaces, lettres à un travailleur social…) that the little collection Graines d’Avenir was conceived. It brings together co-authors from each of the eight founding members of the Convergence(s) network. Aphorisms from pedagogues who are members of other international associations active in animation, teaching, research, training, social work or health have also found a place among the 13 themes of the book.

As a common tool for these movements, this book and these themes complete and translate into action the elements of the Manifesto for New Education distributed at the Brussels Biennial.

These Seeds of the Future could contain enough shared elements to become a fertile ground for future & flourishing common initiatives of Convergence(s)…

Find graines d’avenir on the Yakamedia website by clicking here

Francesco Tonucci

Also known by the pseudonym « Frato », Francesco Tonucci is an Italian thinker, psycho-pedagogue and artist. He is the author of numerous books on the role of children in the urban ecosystem and articles in Italian and foreign magazines.

He worked as a teacher and in 1966 became a researcher at the Institute of Psychology of the National Research Council – which he later chaired – in the Department of Educational Psychology, whose work includes the environmental education programme. His research focuses on the cognitive development of children and educational methods.

In 1991, he created the « Children’s City » project in his home town of Fano, proposing a city with children as the reference point. The project was a great success and has spread to different parts of the world, with over 200 cities participating today.

He has received six honorary doctorates in Spain, Peru and Argentina, and the 2019 Unicef International Prize.

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