Why this video (Fimem) ?

Video1 presentation by FIMEM

In the age of the knowledge society and global communication, FIMEM presents a video which illustrates some presences in the different continents, of teachers’ movements, inspired by Celestin Freinet.

Today, more than ever, it is necessary to re-establish, with peace, the balance between men, possible only through the respect of human rights, especially of children and of the weakest; Fimem works, has always worked, for emancipation and cultural growth, through the affirmation of popular pedagogy.

Peace is built through knowledge, acceptance and appreciation of diversity. Just as sunlight, after the rain, refracts to create a rainbow of seven colours, an ancient sign of the alliance between living beings and nature, so we have chosen to let seven different realities from different continents “express” themselves, united in the objective of emancipatory education:

– Freinet’ activities in schools in Saratov (Russia), supervised by Elena Klepneva,

– expressiveness of children School-Community of the Deaf in Mexico City, (Mexico), by Teresa Garduno Rubio

– the choir directed by Pedro Rosa of children from the Curumin school in Campinas (Brazil)

– school activities illustrated by Miki Igari, in a school in Tokyo (Japan)

– Cultural activities for young migrants in Tarbes (France), proposed by Marguerite Gomez.

– the “free text” in a class with migrant children in the 132nd public primary school in Athens (Greece) by Maria Kantourou,

– and lastly, the small choir of children from the Zoétele village nursery school (South Cameroon), singing in their mother tongue, Ntumu, proposed by Antoinette Mengue Abesso

Only culture and education can save the world!

1 Editing and post production by the Cooperativa Fly Up, in the Bottega della Comunicazione e della Didattica – Napoli (Italy)

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