The French New Education Group (GFEN),  a movement for research and training in education, was born in 1922. Langevin, Wallon, Mialaret, Gloton, Bassis, its presidents, contributed to forging its identity. Since then, to oppose the ideology of gifts and combat fatalities, the GFEN has been carrying out reflections and activities on educational practices aimed at the success of all and emancipation.

The GFEN intervenes from kindergarten to university, in priority education and elsewhere, in all disciplines, with administrations, associations, local authorities, trade unions and organizes workshops, training courses, national meetings. It acts in regional or thematic groups: languages, kindergarten, plastic arts, writing, philosophy, Henri Wallon Institute.

The GFEN builds bridges between research, training and action in the field by integrating these values: an anthropological approach to knowledge, the conviction that the subject builds his knowledge with others, cooperation and solidarity in learning, the same ambition for all.

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