100 years after the congress during which the International League for New Education was created in Calais in 1921, “Convergence(s)” establishes 2021 as the year of new Education!

70 activists from the eight movements -CEMÉA, CRAP, FESPI, FICEMÉA, FIMEM, GFEN, ICEM, LIEN – will converge on Calais on July 3, 2021! An ambition: to unite to carry common values ​​and convictions, to make “convergence” to continue the history of the new Education, and to build together new perspectives for Education, in Europe and in the world!

Under the high patronage of UNESCO, supported by the City of Calais, this event will mark a collective mobilization in the service of a shared ambition: Education, with reference to the emancipatory principles of the new Education!

In the current societal contexts, in this increasingly harsh and individualistic world, crises and difficulties bring their share of questions and concerns. Let us fly high the democratic colors of the new Education!

The challenge of educability lies in the strength of our practices. Their incredible modernity is a sign of this educational, social, political and cultural ambition. New Education is always new and will remain so for a long time!

For more information: See the press release of May 27

Contacts: Email: contact at convergences-educnouv.org

Telephone: +33 1 53 26 24 24

CEMEA -24 rue Marc Seguin, 75883 Paris

For any request for practical information on the July 2021 event: Anne Claire Devoge: anne-claire.devoge at cemea.asso.fr – 06 09 4915 81