La Fespi

The Federation of Innovative Public Schools (FESPI)  brings together experimental structures which, in an educational and political approach, develop collegial work and innovate on the whole of an establishment, without separating the educational plan and that of the general organization. .

The objectives of the Innovative Public Schools (ESPI) are: to propose an alternative educational offer within the framework of the public education service in order to contribute to the democratic evolution of the School: “a fairer school for a fairer society » ; to implement teamwork practices in schools, colleges and high schools, by redefining the professionalism of teachers; to allow the concrete exercise of citizenship by the pupils thanks to their implication in the reflections and the decision-makings concerning the establishment.

If each ESPI has its own identity, all share the same fundamentals stemming, essentially, from the various movements of the new Education: either that they claim it explicitly through Freinet and Decroly, for example, or that they are inspired by it by implementing the principles and methods of active pedagogy: project pedagogies, cooperative pedagogies, institutional pedagogy, as well as various approaches and devices promoting the development of critical thinking and civic participation of students.

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