Le Lien

The International Link for New Education (LIEN) is an international movement of research, reflection and action for new Education which follows on from the LIEN ( International League for New Education) born in 1921 . It was created in 2001 to revitalize this specificity of the LEAGUE: to think and act internationally to create, through education and on an ongoing basis, a culture of peace.  

To this end, LIEN seeks to bring together all the approaches and experiences of New Education. Because it postulates that a culture of peace, combined today with an ecological watch, can only be built internationally, its actions and its “practical theories” being inseparable from the recognition of the languages ​​and cultures of each and everyone .Strong emphasis is placed today on the construction of knowledge, the sharing of imaginations, the refusal of any exclusion and any form of evaluation which would hinder access to education or which could undermine the dignity of person<

LIEN forms a network of New Education groups currently working in Africa (Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia), South and Latin America (Bolivia, Haiti, Mexico), Europe (Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg , Romania, Russia, Switzerland).

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