Les Cemea

The Centers for training in active education methods (CEMEA)  are a current of new education which is determined around a work of research and proposal around a conception of the activity (more precisely of the education activated).

By activity, we mean everything that puts the person in a position to act on himself, on the group to which he contributes, on the environment that he must be able to transform in order to appropriate it. We must understand by activity everything that will be energized by experimentation, trial and error, by a projection towards becoming. One of the most precise illustrations of active education is project pedagogy.

This differs fundamentally from a mercantile instrumentalization of “the” activities, often inanimate objects consuming themselves precisely outside of what is a dynamic of active education.

We must understand the activity as being liberating and emancipatory, participating in the development of a fairer and more egalitarian society.

Active education in fact encompasses all pedagogies contributing to understanding and training in democracy.

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