Les CRAP-Cahiers pédagogique

The Educational Notebooks  were created in 1945, with the aim of coordinating the efforts of the “new classes” designed as a catalyst for the transformation of secondary education. At first a simple newsletter, the magazine, spokesperson for the  Circle of Research and Educational Action, has become a major tool for training and disseminating innovations, from kindergarten to high school, drawing inspiration from so-called “new” pedagogies. While wanting to be a bridge between the world of research and the classroom, it is a dynamic agent of transformation of the school in a democratic perspective. The CRAP, a militant educational movement, is actively present in the various academies, within the ESPE, the CAPE, thanks to numerous members and supporters, teachers, trainers, management staff, educators.

Through its magazine, its site or its training courses, the association allows those involved in education to share their innovations, their practices and their reflections, and thus to train and work towards a fairer and more efficient school.

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