La Fimem

The Fimem is an association of national movements, present throughout the world, which claim popular pedagogy and cooperative education (Freinet pedagogy).

The objective of Fimem is to develop international cooperation in order to consolidate the practice of Freinet pedagogy on all continents.

Fimem promotes contacts and exchanges between teachers and educators in research, cooperative innovation and the practice of Freinet pedagogy.
Fimem’s means of action are:
✓ International correspondence;
✓ The organization of courses, seminars, meetings, exhibitions and various events;
✓ The constitution of international working groups;
✓ The publication of journals and educational tools;
✓ Information and exchange for the practice of Freinet pedagogy and its dissemination

Fimem is present in all the continents of the planet and 32 movements were members of Fimem at the last international meeting in 2018 in Ljungskile in Sweden.

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