The children’s newspaper

From the Maritime District House in Molenbeek

What a great project, what a great action by this small group of young teenagers from a neighbourhood centre in the town of Molenbeek who spent a whole day immersed in the 3rd biennial meeting of the New Education movement held in Anderlecht in the very close suburbs of Brussels. The challenge was a bit crazy: to conduct interviews with the actors of this biennial event, without any false collar, without any fuss. Daring to meet people who are considered to be big names and who are, but who lent themselves to the game without being asked. What a great challenge!

The challenge was met, the challenge was accepted; indeed, when we see the results of their investigations, it is certain that there is the seed of journalists in these little heads, mixed with a candour proper to those who set out to discover. For it was a discovery, a lightning and spontaneous taming of the ins and outs of this event, a quest in which the impetrators went from being conquerors to being conquered. Conquered by the desire to know, to know, to discover and conquered by the modesty, humour and enthusiasm of the participants met. And by the discovery of a type of education that they did not expect.

This incursion into the momentum of the New Education, into a dynamic that is not so simple to perceive, to understand, to integrate, for novices, was a real success. Something undeniably happened in this group of young people reporting.

Congratulations to them. Let’s hope that each of them will be able to use these discoveries in the future to nourish their own growth.

And thank you to their counsellor who supported them, who accompanied them and who made it possible for this newspaper to be published.