an original idea

A small notebook, a phone, a few steps, some imagination and that’s it, a photo immortalizes and steals time a unique moment: the manifesto is at the heart of the company! A symbolic moment.

During his speech at the opening session, Jean-Luc Cazaillon suggested that each participant should stage the Convergence(s) for New Education manifesto in the spaces of the Biennial and throughout Brussels and take a photo of it. A wink to the “fabulous destiny of Améie poulain”. And the least we can say is that the spark has set fire to the phones, more than 150 pictures were taken.

And the originality is at the rendezvous, sometimes in a natural setting, sometimes placed in the hands of Belgian personalities (real or comics) statues, sometimes put in unusual and surprising situations, the manifesto has traveled and was given to see.

A beautiful stroll of the New Education, immortalized in one of the capitals of Europe.

It is to be hoped that the manifesto will become an essential text, to be placed in all the hands and in all the heads of the actors of education!