The opening session will welcome Bernard Charlot for a lecture entitled :The human being is an adventure. For a contemporary anthropo-pedagogyOn the one hand, we are already facing colossal challenges: ecological, technical, demographic etc. On the other hand, what we tell young people is almost as simple as “study to have a good job later”.Continue reading “3rd INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF NEW EDUCATION”


100 years after the Calais gathering (1921) from which the International League for New Education emerged, “Convergence(s) for New Education” was created in Calais in 2021. The momentum is launched! On the way to the 3rd International Biennial of New Education which will take place in Brussels on October 29, 30, 31 and November 1,Continue reading “October 2022 – 3rd INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF NEW EDUCATION”

Les CRAP-Cahiers pédagogique

The Educational Notebooks  were created in 1945, with the aim of coordinating the efforts of the “new classes” designed as a catalyst for the transformation of secondary education. At first a simple newsletter, the magazine, spokesperson for the  Circle of Research and Educational Action, has become a major tool for training and disseminating innovations, fromContinue reading “Les CRAP-Cahiers pédagogique”

Les Cemea

The Centers for training in active education methods (CEMEA)  are a current of new education which is determined around a work of research and proposal around a conception of the activity (more precisely of the education activated). By activity, we mean everything that puts the person in a position to act on himself, on theContinue reading “Les Cemea”

Le Lien

The International Link for New Education (LIEN) is an international movement of research, reflection and action for new Education which follows on from the LIEN ( International League for New Education) born in 1921 . It was created in 2001 to revitalize this specificity of the LEAGUE: to think and act internationally to create, throughContinue reading “Le Lien”