Les CRAP-Cahiers pédagogique

The Educational Notebooks  were created in 1945, with the aim of coordinating the efforts of the “new classes” designed as a catalyst for the transformation of secondary education. At first a simple newsletter, the magazine, spokesperson for the  Circle of Research and Educational Action, has become a major tool for training and disseminating innovations, fromContinue reading “Les CRAP-Cahiers pédagogique”

Les Cemea

The Centers for training in active education methods (CEMEA)  are a current of new education which is determined around a work of research and proposal around a conception of the activity (more precisely of the education activated). By activity, we mean everything that puts the person in a position to act on himself, on theContinue reading “Les Cemea”

Le Lien

The International Link for New Education (LIEN) is an international movement of research, reflection and action for new Education which follows on from the LIEN ( International League for New Education) born in 1921 . It was created in 2001 to revitalize this specificity of the LEAGUE: to think and act internationally to create, throughContinue reading “Le Lien”


100 years after the congress during which the International League for New Education was created in Calais in 1921, “Convergence(s)” establishes 2021 as the year of new Education! 70 activists from the eight movements -CEMÉA, CRAP, FESPI, FICEMÉA, FIMEM, GFEN, ICEM, LIEN – will converge on Calais on July 3, 2021! An ambition: to uniteContinue reading “July 3, 2021 – LAUNCH OF CONVERGENCE(S) FOR NEW EDUCATION (Video)”

Philippe Meirieu: Building a vision of the future for education and democracy

An interview with Philippe Meirieu at the Café Pédagogique in which Convergence(s) is mentioned. “What comes into play through the place of education in the political debate is a certain confidence in the future, the opposite of populism”. Pedagogue, president of CEMEA, Philippe Meirieu finds himself at the center of two important events this week.Continue reading “Philippe Meirieu: Building a vision of the future for education and democracy”


The French New Education Group (GFEN),  a movement for research and training in education, was born in 1922. Langevin, Wallon, Mialaret, Gloton, Bassis, its presidents, contributed to forging its identity. Since then, to oppose the ideology of gifts and combat fatalities, the GFEN has been carrying out reflections and activities on educational practices aimed atContinue reading “GFEN”

La Fimem

The Fimem is an association of national movements, present throughout the world, which claim popular pedagogy and cooperative education (Freinet pedagogy). The objective of Fimem is to develop international cooperation in order to consolidate the practice of Freinet pedagogy on all continents. Fimem promotes contacts and exchanges between teachers and educators in research, cooperative innovationContinue reading “La Fimem”

The Ficemea

The International Federation of Training Centers for Active Education Methods (Ficeméa)  brings together some forty associations with a territorial presence in Europe, South America, Africa and the Indian Ocean. Our federation has been working for 60 years for the promotion of new education in a desire to transform educational and social practices. The aim ofContinue reading “The Ficemea”

La Fespi

The Federation of Innovative Public Schools (FESPI)  brings together experimental structures which, in an educational and political approach, develop collegial work and innovate on the whole of an establishment, without separating the educational plan and that of the general organization. . The objectives of the Innovative Public Schools (ESPI) are: to propose an alternative educationalContinue reading “La Fespi”