Challenges for our societies

20 debates, challenges for our societies on lively questions concerning New Education

Each participant will be able to participate in 2 debates

  1. Ecological emergency: how to encourage eco-citizen commitment?
  2. How can digital also be at the service of emancipation?
  3. How to welcome the children of migration and consider them as a “wealth”?
  4. How to move towards a “cultural democracy”?
  5. What does it mean to advocate for gender equality, at school and elsewhere?
  6. What place for families inside and outside the school?
  7. How can geopolitical issues be understood?
  8. What New Education proposals to develop a scientific culture?
  9. How not to make children’s rights a mere slogan?
  10. How to deal with academic failure, often fabricated by the school itself?
  11. How to fight against radicalities when they mean rejection of otherness?
  12. Emancipate oneself to act in democracy or act in democracy to emancipate oneself?
  13. Is a universal approach to the defense of human rights possible?
  14. How to make languages ​​a motor of emancipation and a bridge between cultures?
  15. What are the relations between research and pedagogical movements?
  16. What diversity and what consistency for training?
  17. Youth education, adult training confronted with the issue of illiteracy?
  18. How does the new Education contribute to building an inclusive society?
  19. How to revalue the place of volunteering in New Education organizations?
  20. Convergence(s) for New Education: an adventure that begins.