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See you at the 3rd International Biennial of New Education

From Calais 1921…

While marking the centenary of the first founding congress of the International League of New Education (Calais 1921), Convergence(S) is a revival, a rebirth, a revitalization of the founding logics of the League of 1921. Read more

… in Brussels 2022

New education… is always new, because it is part of a permanent movement that takes into account particular contexts
particular contexts, based on values and convictions which are not dogmas but which
but which constitute the shared basis of an emancipatory educational project. Read more

International action

The political and social history of the New Education is based on a strong international foundation. From the outset, the New Education movements have developed in different countries on several continents and have organised meetings between pedagogues and thinkers from all horizons. Read more


100 years after the Calais meeting (1921) from which the International League for New Education emerged, 90 years after the Nice congress (1932), “Convergence(s) for New Education” has established 2022 as the year of New Education! It is on the impulse of the CEMÉA, the CRAP Cahiers-Pédagogiques, the FESPI, the FICEMÉA, the FIMEM, the GFEN, the ICEM Pédagogie Freinet and the LIEN that this initiative was born and is taking shape today. Read more