A manifesto to say

The world we want

The values ​​we defend

In 1932, the International League for New Education wrote  : “The present crisis calls for the concentration throughout the world of all efforts towards a renewed education. No national effort can suffice for this. She then launched a pressing appeal to parents, educators, administrators and social workers to unite in a vast universal movement” considering that “only an education which achieves in all its activities a change of attitude vis-à-vis living with children can usher in an era free from ruinous competition, prejudice, worry and misery”. Extract from the New Charter of the International League for New Education, written after the Congress of Nice (1932) 

The writing of the new version of the Manifesto, readable on the site , mobilized a large number of organizations at the international level as part of a collective work process. The 10 issues presented in this Manifesto testify to the permanence of our struggles and their modernity when they give expression to our militant ambitions:

  1. « L’Éducation Nouvelle » carries a project of emancipation and democratisation
  2. « L’Éducation Nouvelle » is definitely positive.
  3. « L’Éducation Nouvelle » promotes an emancipatory vision of knowledge.
  4. « L’Éducation Nouvelle » suggests, debates and invents within solidarity collectives.
  5. « L’Éducation Nouvelle » doesn’t stop at any border.
  6. L’Éducation Nouvelle strives to combine theories with practices.
  7. « L’Éducation Nouvelle » considers each child, each young person, as an unfinished and complete being.
  8. « L’Éducation Nouvelle » advocates for an open and democratic school
  9. « L’Éducation Nouvelle » is committed to implementing a comprehensive vision for education.
  10. « L’Éducation Nouvelle » faces the challenges of the 21st century.

The Manifesto will be made public on 1 st November next during the closing session of the 3 rd International Biennial of New Education (Brussels from 29 October to 1 stnovember). A major element of a shared political project, it will then constitute the common base between all the organizations already mobilized within Convergence(s) but also for all those who wish to integrate this great international dynamic. Because forming an alliance, mobilizing organizations from all countries that act on a daily basis according to the same principles and values ​​is a necessity if we want to restore New Education to its full place in educational issues on an international scale. It is up to us to take up this historic challenge to continue the story of New Education, and to build, with others, within Convergence(s), new perspectives for Education in Europe. And in the world !